“Clique” is a top-down action adventure game and also a first person adventure game. “Clique” is a dual story told through the perspectives of the young teenage girl and the avatar character within the game she is playing. Players will explore environments, solve puzzles, and defeat enemies to build trust with the world’s unwelcoming characters. We hope to give the player a connection of relatability and a better insight into African American culture.


Clique is a game that will provide you with a unique emotional experience. By adding a dual story told through the perspectives of the young teenage girl and the avatar character within the game we hope to give the player a connection of relatability and a better insight into African American culture.

Winning over the trust of NPC’s to further progress in the game

  • Some characters are not that welcoming in this world but players will have to win them over to help complete tasks and overcome challenges.
  • RPG battle System
  • The game will have a traditional turn based battle system that incorporate special conditions to make battles more impactful
  • Players will encounter this battle system during the boss fights of the game

Interacting with the environment

  • You as the player within the world “Clique” will be able to interact with NPC’s, pickups, doors, and the Bosses within the game
  • You will also be able to control the young teenage girl within the real world segments of the game, with the ability to interact with certain objects in the real world


  • Completing puzzles in the game will help you gain trust with NPC’s


  • Completing minigames will unlock doors and passageways throughout the game
  • Each boss fight in the game will be a intense and puzzling event that will reference classic games of the past.
  • Bosses represent the personification of the world you’re in
  • Defeating these bosses will allow you to absorb their power to unlock the portal to the next world
  • Boss fights will be in the form of a traditional turn based battle system
  • Each world has its own sword representing a different emotion. After the player defeats the boss the sword takes the strong emotion from him/her to power the portal to the next world.
  • Music for “Clique” will help build the atmosphere for each level. We want to create an Urban Hip-Hop Orchestral soundtrack that isn’t heard in most games today. Through the music, we want it to help tell the story of “Clique” as if the worlds and its music are one.

Who Are We 

We are a small team based in Detroit, MI focused on making diverse and meaningful games. Being African American game developers we want to bring some of our culture to games for players to experience.

The Team

 Neil Jones is the founder and Lead Artist of Dead Art Games. Neil has over 10 years of experience in game and app development working on projects with Chrysler, USC games, and CoherentRx.

 Daniel Wilkins is a Sound Designer and Coder that loves making games and apps. Working on music for projects across all media, Daniel now works on games as a Level/Sound designer.

DeAndre Hall is Dead Arts Community Manager based in Detroit. DeAndre has years of experience dealing with gamer communities and management of teams and events.

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  • We plan to release on WIN/MAC/LINUX (DRM-Free and Steam). We also plan to pursue the PS4, PS Vita & XBOX ONE
  • We have already invested much of our own money into Clique, and have been working part time on the project for months on our own. We have been looking for funding and have been denied at every turn often hearing that we should focus on a “different type” of character or story. As a result we’ve decided to self-publish and turn to the community to help us. We believe this game well be great and the funds raised would be going directly to the game’s development as well as Michigan developers that we add to the team. If we are fortunate enough to raise funds above our target, it will give us the ability to add more art, effects, and music to the game.
  • If the team at Dead Art Games made it to our base goal we would be able to pay our Artist, Sound Designer, and Level Designer to finish the game. We would also be to pay our community manager for future endeavors. The Dead Arts team would also be able to get better equipment to further advance our project, and better programs and plugins so that Clique can be a better polished product.

Goal : $35,000 : Game would be funded if we hit this Goal!

Stretch Goal 1 : $45,000  : More art, and add texture artist to the project.

Stretch Goal 2 : $60,000 : Add an additional programmer to the project.

Stretch Goal 3 : $75,000 : Add more mini games, characters, and outfits.

Stretch Goal 4 : $95,000 : Add additional music, voice overs and sound fx to the game. As well as have Detroit rappers add vocals to more tracks.

Stretch Goal 5 : $110,000 : Add additional high quality 2d animations to the game.

                                      Reward Key [Click Here]

  • Support this Kickstarter
  • Follow us on Twitter and Facebook 
  • Share with all of your friends

Risks and challenges

Making a game is a really hard and there will be many technical challenges that we will face during development from art to code. The biggest risk of this project is that if too many things go wrong development could take longer then we plan. We have a plan laid out incase too many problems arise which lowers the scope. But we have lots of experience working around major problems and are sure we can handle any problems that arise.

With all of Neils experience working with small teams and ability to make amazing art so quickly. Along with our incredible team and the strong foundation of a game we have. Any challenge can be overcome to finish this game.

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Have a question? If the info above doesn’t help, you can ask the project creator directly.

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