We are dedicated to helping those that want to bring more diversity to the art of gaming. We will do this by sponsoring attendance at diverse gaming conventions, promoting those that are making diverse games, indie projects and presenting on the topics of diversity in gaming at conventions.

So please support our work on Patreon, even $1 per month will help. One perk is getting our podcast, Fresh Out of Tokens early, no matter what level you are supporting at. One of our goals is to have more articles, to pay people for their contributions, and to do more tangible things for the community.

We also want to help others get to conventions, share their work if funding is an issue. We would love your support to send aspiring game devs to conventions like GDC, IGDA events in their city, GeekGirlCon, HavenCon, GaymerX, and other places where gaming and diversity are parts of the conversation.

We want to do this by highlighting work by marginalized, underrepresented people in the industry, getting their voices heard and their work seen be it a game, articles, etc. But that takes resources and time. Our founder #INeedDiverseGames does this full time, others give what time they can to moderate our spaces, and dedicate our time to better diversifying the games space.

So in the meantime, we humbly ask for your support to do the work we can and to bring change to the art form we love and want to make better!

Thank you so much for whatever support you can give towards our work.

Tanya D. aka cypheroftyr
@cypheroftyr // @INeedDivGms

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