We can’t wait to see the games that come from this jam!


[Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet, from Yuri Game Jam 2015.] [Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet from Yuri Game Jam 2015.] Last year, visual novel developers Carrogath and XenobladeKat hostedYuri Game Jam from September 1, 2015 to October 31, 2015. Their premise was simple enough: in two months, develop a game about two or more women in a relationship with one another. The jam was a major success, with over 40 entries submitted to the Yuri Game Jamitch.io pagefeaturing everything from dating sims to platformers to top-down beat ‘em ups about women and their girlfriends.

Yuri Game Jam struck a cord in the gaming community, and it was clear early on that there was a real hunger for games about queer relationships. It also showed that stories about queer women could come from any genre: be it slice-of-life or romance, science-fiction or fantasy—any and every setting is perfect for exploring queer relationships in gaming.

But Carrogath…

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