So are you a POC/minority/underrepresented streamer on Twitch, YouTube Gaming, Hitbox or UStream? Want to promote yourself?

Well you are in luck! Resuming on Sunday December 19th, we are going to profile/promote marginalized streamers here on the I Need Diverse Games site.

Please submit the following info via email:

Name: (preferred/twitch handle/twitter handle)

Twitch/YT Gaming/Hitbox/UStream URL:

Stream schedule: (if you have one)

Types of games you stream: (if you have a genre, ie RPG, Indie, etc)

Image/Icon: (If you are comfortable, provide a user pic from twitch/twitter/ustream)

Contact info: Twitter/Tumblr/YouTube links, whatever you are comfortable providing.

The number of posts will depend on the number of profiles we get. Also, remember to submit your info to #DiversifyStreaming2K15 an initiative we are doing with our friends over at the Spawn on Me podcast.

Please spread and submit your streaming info so we can highlight you!

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